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For BOOKING Inquires contact: Kolot Management   (212) 877.6870; aliya@kolotmanagement.com

For PRESS Inquires email: jewishchicksrock@gmail.com

Naomi’s Program Philosophy:

“I offer programming focused on meaning-making Jewish experiences for multi-generational participants. My hands-on workshops ask participants to investigate identity, self and community through experiential methods, including high-energy, Jewish values-based edgy-pop rock music and intimate spiritual worship experiences that both open hearts and souls.”

Residencies and Concert Offerings

1. NAOMI LESS Band – Rock Concert*

Naomi brings estro-powered-rock, tribal lyrics, rhythm, faith, and positive spiritual connection. Filled with positive-empowerment and self-esteem messaging, Naomi’s music helps build tolerance, empowerment, and confidence in women and men.

* Acoustic Show available.


Experiential worship services exploring spirituality through music, meditation and creativity.

Friday evening

  • Kabbalat Shabbat Rocks Family Program (young families – 4 and up)
  • Entering the Soul of Shabbat – Spiritual Music (teens/adults)

“Anytime” worship service

  • “Just Breathe” – restorative, musical service.  (teens/adults)

Saturday night

  • “Never Say Goodbye” Havdallah (Adaptable for all ages/genders)


  • The Real Me – Living Room Series    (For Girls and Important Older Female Figures in their Lives)   An intimate acoustic concert with stories and songs about self-esteem, identity and responsibility in the world.  Set in a relaxed environment for girls, older siblings, mothers and other female role models to experience together.
  • The Real Me – Bullying Prevention Workshop(co-ed middle / highschool)  An intimate acoustic performance and experiential workshop that engages teens around questions of justice, bullying and proactive methods to better navigate the spectrum of high school behaviors when bullying manifests.
  • Jews Rock Songwriting and RecordingWorkshop (all ages)   Naomi Less and co-writer/producer, Glenn Grossman take participants through a collaborative songwriting experience – making personalmusical-meaning out of Jewish content. No experience necessary.
  • Who am I standing in front of??    An exploration of God through the medium of music.


  • Bullying Prevention:  Using the wisdom of bullying experts across the field, Naomi weaves together an energizing, interactive, motivational presentation, giving educators visual models and tools to utilize in their work.
  • Songleading training: Naomi has worked with countless camps and individuals to hone their craft on both songleading and ritual/worship leading.  Whether looking for individual coaching or songleading group development, Naomi meets learners where they are and builds their confidence to achieve their goals.
  • Addressing Evaded Issues:  “I’m So Fat.” “That’s So Gay.”: Addressing Evaded Issues in Jewish Education: Are we equipped and prepared to address inflammatory situations when they arise in our educational programs?
  • Developing a critical gender lens:  Music, the cultural language our learners speak, conveys both subtle and overt gender messaging. Learn to develop critical gender lens through examining messages embedded in pop music. Help empower and embolden learners to make strong informed decisions in their lives.

Booking Inquires:   Kolot Management   ph: 212.877.6870;  email: aliya@kolotmanagement.com

PRESS Inquires: email: jewishchicksrock@gmail.com

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