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We do more in 24 hours than…

Jewish summer camp gives you more opportunities to be of service in 24 hours than most people get in a year. Here’s my story from the past 24 hours at URJ Camp Coleman
In 24 hours I:
  • Helped an aspiring songwriter find her voice through the pen while encouraging her to open up more and give her bunk mates a chanceIMG_1179
  • supported a staff member who needed to plan an anti-bullying workshop
  • broke through a 9th grade clique-issue where the campers discovered they were not alone in feeling the way they felt and worked with them to solve their own issue using experiential methods and music
  • helped a unit leader create some new roles for campers who (very age appropriately) act out during programs
  • shared a storytelling model with 10th graders who explored and shared their stories about “why this Judaism stuff even matters to me”
  • shared music and an inspirational personal story to open the 8th graders up to being the Heroes of their own journeyIMG_1166
  • while songleading Shabbat am services, I kvelled as the cornerstone fellows framed extremely inspirational, moving Intentions in the theme of hearing your call (The theme of Cornerstone as exemplified in this SONG)
  • entered into a sacred space under the stars with the 9th and 10th graders – introducing them to the ancient soothing nighttime Jewish rituals and songs we have
This was only one person’s work. Now multiply that by the number of staff at a camp and you’ll start to understand the capacity of just how much “good” jewish summer camps can do in a whole summer. Imagine the ripple effect on a generation of young souls.

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