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Three influential American women – Hot Mamalah, Call your zeyde and Listen Israel

This is the week of the influential American Jewish woman.
I will front this with the following – not an apology, a disclaimer – one of these is me! I am celebrating a moment of achievement. (We should all do that from time to time and not be ashamed of it!)
#1 – Hot Mamalah – yes, Lisa Klug has done it again. And this time, she has a WHOLE BOOK OF COOL JEWS that are WOMEN!

Talk about celebrating achievement! (Yes, I do happen to appear in the book on page 9 with my work teaching young women how to rock with social responsibility).  The cool thing is that not only does she feature “hot mamalahs” but has amazing empowering and hilarious takes on being a Jewish woman!  The great news is…you can win a copy, along with about $300 worth of goodies here!
And there’s also a super cute video here!
ANd if you can’t wait to see if you won the free copy, you can actually support a Jewish female entrepreneur by PURCHASING a copy here!
CELEBRATING LISA!  Congratulations Jewish rocking chick!
#2. Michele Citrin has partnered up with Mik Moore’s Jewish Council for Education and Research to create a fabulous follow up video to the Great Schlep – called Call Your Zeyde.  Put simply…WATCH IT and then DO IT!
#3. Another video launched this week – from YOURS TRULY – called SH’MA YISRAEL – LISTEN ISRAEL
Fran Gordon co-wrote our song “Shma Yisrael” which asks the Jewish community at large why in Israel, a modern Jewish democracy, the spiritual civil rights of all Jews are not protected.  This song is part of a larger initiative called the “Sacred Rights, Sacred Songs Project” – a concert to awaken Jews around the world to the conflict between Public Jewish Law and the core democratic values found in Israel’s Declaration of Independence. (ie. marriage laws, women’s rights, divorce, conversion, burial, public transportation.)
Put simply – enough of standing by and watching the religious rights in Israel be dictated by one voice.  ALL voices need to be represented.
Go ahead, listen, comment, “LIKE” our facebook page and then ACT, SPEAK OUT, DO SOMETHING!
I think that’s a pretty good week for the women of America, yes?

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